About SM Advantage

What is SM Advantage?


SM Advantage is SM's customer loyalty program that rewards members with points every time they shop in SM Department Store,
SM Supermarket, SM Hypermarket and other SM retail establishments inside and outside SM Supermalls. The points earned can be
used to redeem practically anything sold in any of those stores.


Aside from reward points, SM Advantage also offers numerous members-only privileges such as exclusive sales, discounts and
freebies inside and outside SM Malls.


Become a Member:


You can start earning reward points and enjoy members-only privileges by following these simple steps:


  Buy an SM Advantage Express Membership Kit at any cashier counter of
  SM Department Store, SM Supermarket or SM Hypermarket for only P150.




  Use the temporary card contained in the kit to start earning points.




  Fill out the enclosed Membership Application Form and submit to the
  Customer Service Counter of any SM Department Store or selected
  SM Supermarket and SM Hypermarket branch.




  Claim your personalized, SM Advantage Card at any
  SM Department Store's Customer Service Counter after 21 days.
  As a welcome gift, you will receive a set of coupons that amount to
  big savings at SM Department Store and other SM Retail establishments
  as well as SM Mall tenants.



Duration and Renewal:


Membership in SM Advantage is valid for two years from date of application, and is renewable every two years.


To renew, simply go to any cashier's counter of SM Department Store
and pay the P100 renewal fee using cash, points or any other tender.

Present the receipt and your old SM Advantage Card to the
Customer Service Counter and your new card will be ready in just a few minutes.
To renew your membership or replace a lost card through a representative,
the representative must bring the following: signed authorization letter;
photocopies of two (2) valid government-issued IDs of both member and representative;
and a photocopy of your SM Advantage card.